why? The headlight vibrated when driving. Very annoying when you drive under a signpost, you always see the shaking of the headlight. And it must also have been annoying for oncoming traffic, but that didn't bother me  : D

Start by raising the lights with the button on the dashboard. Then open the engine cover and remove the plastic fairing cover.

The headlight can be removed without tools. You do not have to undo the screws. That way you only change the angle/direction of the headlight. By pressing the entire headlight assembly (ring and lamp) and turning it counterclockwise, it can be removed:

You can undo the headlight connector by squeezing the sides and then pull it off.

Then, first disconnect the connector from the lamp motor. Only then you can turn the headlight up and down manually with the rotary knob. Do not attempt this if the motor is still connected. The headlight motor has a direct line. The lamp will automatically return to its pre-set position. You can also operate the lamps without the key in the ignition.

You can then loosen the pull / push rod (use a flat screwdriver on the hinge and turn) and the pivot points of the frame. Also don't forget to disconnect the plug of the headlight height adjustment.

With the frame off the car you can clearly see why it vibrated so much. The bushes that should be in the holes of the pivot point are out and the holes are worn:

The headlight frame leaves a gaping hole...

The new frame clearly shows what the holes and bushings should look like:

Now everything is disassembled, it is only a matter of transferring the right set screws and motors. Depending on the year of manufacture and origin, things can differ from mine. Simply transfer everything from the old to the new and make sure that set screws etc. are in the same position (length).

The screws on the lamp cover are often difficult to undo. This is a good time to replace them with a suitable hex or torx bolt.

Then the new frame (still without lid) can be put back on the car. Do not yet plug in the lamp motor connector.

Then the headlight and fairing can be put on again. Remember to plug in the lamp height adjustment and the headlight itself. When mounting, do not forget to lubricate the hinge points and the ball joint of the drawbar.

Next you can loosely mount the lid and turn the lamp down by hand to see if it alignes.

Adjust the cover by gently bending the legs. If necessary use pliers. Try to bend them as little as possible. The steel is very thin and quickly suffers from metal fatigue.

If you are satified and the lid does not rub into anything, turn up the headlight and reconnect the motor.
Next check from the inside if everything works as it should:

You can check the adjustment of the headlights by standing about 5m (15ft.) from a wall in the dark. The image of the headlights should be the same on the left and the right and not pointing up / down.

You should see something akin to _ / _ /.
(or \ _ \ _ if you live in England)